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Aborda Yacht

    Aborda Yacht, Yachting, Ship, Cruser
  • Double-bedded Cabin
  • Twin-bedded Cabin
  • Salon in the Wheel-room
  • Sun Deck
  • Year of Production: 1989.
  • Building Material: Wood (Mahogany)
  • Cruising Speed
  • Length: 30 mt
  • Breadth: 6,6 mt
  • Aborda Yacht, Yachting, Ship, Cruser
  • Accommodation: 8 Twin-bedded Cabins
  • All cabins with private facilities, air-conditioned
  • Galley
  • TV-lounge, Hi-Fi, CD
  • Tender (inflatable)
  • Kayak (Canoe)
  • Water Skiing
  • Sails Area: 300 m2
  • Café and Aperitif Bar, Ice Maker


Breakfast “Buffet breakfast”

  • soft sheep cheese
  • hard sheep cheese
  • ajvar (chutney)
  • sunny-side-up eggs
  • omelette with onions
  • omelettes with red pepper and spinach
  • homemade bread with sesame
  • smoked pork neck
  • smoked veal neck
  • bruschetta with zucchini and eggplant
  • fruit salad
  • butter
  • honey
  • jam

A la carte dishes:

  • rabbit in a dry plums sauce (ili prunes sauce)
  • trout in a pine nuts sauce
  • rolled veal in a pepper sauce
  • eel in an onion, carrot and apple sauce
  • suppressed pork leg
  • lamb with spinach and sour cream
  • stuffed thighs in a caramelized onions sauce

(all meals are by 350 grams)

Day I

  • cold soup made from yoghurt and cucumbers
  • tomato and onion salad
  • potatoes and minced meat in the oven (moussaka)
  • baklava

Day II

  • Bruschetta with chutney and hard sheep cheese
  • the Macedonian salad (tomatoes, peppers, parsley, onions, garlic)
  • muscle in mustard sauce and baked potatoes
  • homemade soft cheese in a caramel sauce


  • Bruschetta with smoked trout
  • Season salad
  • Trout stuffed with carrots, spinach and dry plums
  • Kadaif cake

Day IV

  • thick chicken soup
  • beetroot and apple salad
  • breaded Ohrid trout (belvica)
  • yoghurt ice-cream

Day V

  • lamb soup
  • stuffed tomatoes woth sour cream
  • lamb in mustard sauce
  • tulumbe

Day VI

  • roasted peppers and garlic salad
  • gravče na tavče with minced meat
  • dessert: Baked pumpkin with vanilla sauce


  • Bruschetta with tomato, garlic and leeks
  • Eel in a red wine sauce and potatoes with dry peppers
  • Cocoa and lemon cake